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Ok -this is clearly not my thing but I have BAGS of clean baby food jars and I need to do something with them…. I wanted to make candles (read about it here) but collecting wax was harder than thought. Out of all the other ideas my friend shared with me -the air freshener idea won 2nd place. I am looking for a hand or two to help me make a mess with this. Comment below if your up for some drinking+arts+crafts or if you have an idea of what I should do with them after completed… sell to fund a group/program maybe?
Give away to a porta-potty company?
Do you have any ideas?

I Still Need:

  1. jarsPotpourri
  2. Clean Baby Food Jar (no top needed) 
  3. 5″ Paper Doily(s)
  4. Rubber Band(s)
  5. Lace
  6. Ribbon Rose (I have no idea what this is?)
  7. Glue Gun (do you have one to lend me?)

Fill jar with potpourri. Cover with a paper doily or tulle. Secure with rubber band. Tie a ribbon around the jar to hide the rubber band. Hot glue ribbon rose to ribbon.