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This was the 1’st step in the project -A Skittle memorial (pictured).

This is for someone I have known for a short time but he has quickly become one of my close personal friends. His Name is Sean and he gives a damn! We met though community efforts from the Project. Sean lives in the Detroit and runs a garden called Diversity Garden (help his efforts HERE), provides food to neighbors and wisdom to whomever can benefit. Simply put, I respect him as like-minded person.

Check out the News clip from Fox 2 Detroit


Sean is heading a second community project to accomplish :

  1. A Public Memorial for the loss of Trayvon Martin
    (if you somehow missed this – READ the Wikipedia article HERE)
  2. Public Art Mural
  3. Gathering of like-minded people for a common goal


This is the most recent post from His personal Facebook page. I am sharing it along with a contact form linked to his email (bottom of this post) in hopes that my following outside of the facebook will become involved with his efforts and at the very least share a link to this post with their social media reach including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Links can be found at the bottom, including a E-mail link. (Thank you in advance). Anyway, here is the low down…

I’m happy to announce that we’ve selected Shep’s Barber Shop, on Hamilton in Highland Park to receive the first mural. Planning is now underway, we hope to be able to expedite all the needed supplies and funds ASAP. At this point I’m calling for help. Detroit area businesses as well as individuals, if you’d like to make a stand with the Martin family right here in our own community, I urge and challenge you to step to the plate and answer our call for your participation! 
Step 1: Organization and planning. Over the next few days we will be beating the bushes working to procure all the supplies and equipment needed to successfully pull off this event. We’ll need high quality exterior UV color fast paint and base coat designed for masonry and brick application. I have some scaffolding but we’ll probably need to borrow or rent some additional sections or better yet, we could rent a lift hoist. I was thinking it would be nice get some t-shirts made up that would commemorate this event, make a profound personal political statement, as well as possibly serve to generate contributions for the next mural. If you or someone you know can help out in any of the above mentioned areas, please contact me ASAP.

Step 2: To get started, the first thing we will need is surface prep. We’re looking and hoping for a professional power-washing business in the city to answer the call to arms ASAP!

Step 3: Once the wall is ready to paint we’ll need to organize a day to roll or spray a primer coat. This can be done in one day if we can find enough volunteer labor.

Step 4: Layout day. We’ll sketch out the outlines the day prior to the mural painting day over the white base coat.

Step 5: Mural painting day! Come one come all! Grab a brush and cup of paint and add your colors to the mural. Who knows, maybe we’ll make it a picnic! Everything depends on community participation! I have faith that we’ll make it a wonderful day of remembrance and solidarity.

Step 6: Find the next mural site!