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I love my 6″ Mohawk but will be bald within the next few months. Why!? …For childhood cancer, that’s why! Around this time last year I discovered a foundation called St. Baldricks. They run a program where you sign up and shave your head to raise awareness of childhood cancer.

“We don’t make wigs, collect hair to soak up oil spills or long to be just like Britney Spears–in fact, the shaving itself is just a means to an end. On the surface, we shave because kids with cancer often lose their hair during treatment, and we stand proudly bald beside them. But the true goal–to cure childhood cancer–will be accomplished because, while shaving, we raise funds for lifesaving childhood cancer research.”

Basically I have committed to shave off my 6+ inch Mohawk. I have more than wanted to back out of this a few times already BUT have made a commitment to myself. This was solidified roughly 9 months ago after meeting Danielle from my local chamber of commerce. Danielle is a “Takes no crap from anyone, tell it how it is” kind of person and I like that about her. We quickly became friends after she realised i wasn’t the Antichrist.

One day, over lunch we started sharing stories of the past. One of which is why she had short hair. ”St. Baldricks” she said. Danielle had shaved her head for the same foundation I found a few months earlier. She explained the process to me in great detail and at the end of our conversation I said “I’ll do it”. As Danielle’s smile grew she offered to sponsor me for the march 2014 shaving event. Since then I have thought about this on a daily basis. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little nervous about the cutting of my hair but it’s time to start making things happen…

“Shavees” sign up on the website, collect money from friends and family much like a walk-a-thon, and show up at a volunteer-organized event in their community to take their turn in the barber’s chair. It’s fun, it’s emotional, and it’s for a crucially important cause.” Learn mere HERE.

I am lucky to have access to great resources at my day job, a Michigan based marketing company. Through Fusion Marketing I have access to our talented art team and a website that sells stickers and vinyl decals. We have developed 4 different “childhood cancer awareness” decals to use as a catalyst for my fundraising efforts, you can view them HERE.
NOTE: These aren’t just any kind of stickers, they are made from outdoor GOLD LEAF vinyl thanks to my friends over at Grimco Detroit! The quality of this product is unmatched (and shiny too)!

In 1997, a group of parents started discussing the creation of a universal awareness ribbon for children with cancer. Many colors were considered, but after much thought, it was decided that the color gold was the perfect choice for our cause. Gold is a precious metal, and our children are precious.

When I was brainstorming with Danielle about conceptual ideas she mentioned her close friends had lost their child to cancer and started a non for profit in her name, Donna’s Good Things (read her story HERE).

Danielle put Sheila (Donna’s mom) in touch with me. Sheila agreed to let me use DGT’s logo for one of the stickers. Profits from the sale of this sticker will directly benefit Donna’s Good Things, take a peek HERE.
DGT logo sticker link

“Donna’s Good Things started with a telephone call. The owner of the dance studio where Donna took classes phoned to offer her support and encouragement during Donna’s vigil. We mentioned that when things calmed we would like to do something to honor Donna and give back to the studio that had become her second home. It turns out there were two sisters who had recently dropped out of their classes for economic reasons. A promise was made and a check was written. The sisters returned to their lessons within days and Donna’s Good Things was born. Knowing that two girls would be able to dance even though Donna could not brought us great comfort at such a difficult time…” Read MORE.

As I mentioned, it’s time to start pounding the pavement and with the help of my coworkers, vendors, Danielle, my newest friend Sheila and YOU –success is imminent! I have two different ways you can help me reach my goal of $1,414.14 (one thousand, four hundred fourteen dollars and 14 cents) by March, 2014.

  1. Purchase 1 of the 4 limited edition gold leaf decals at , found here)
  2. Share my story to show your support;

(2) social media sites,
(0) negative people,
(1) news website,
(4) friends with children

I’ve never had childhood cancer before, nor do I personally know anyone who has but just the thought of the pain and discomfort the little troopers have to go through breaks my heart. If you know me, you know that I do a lot within the community. I involve myself with many different programs, maybe even one of yours. I am asking you to please help me with this, it is very important to me. “Cancer can suck it!”

My name is John Hofmann and I can be reached at: john @ Try Fusion Marketing .com or Here.