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Today is historical in Michigan. The temperatures are colder than they have been in twenty years. On the plus side, it makes me grateful to have a warm home and my son and husband both had days off work and school because of the massive amounts of snow as well as the deadly wind chill.

Still, there are a lot of people who don’t have the luxury of four walls or a furnace. They might not even have a blanket to keep warm.

A few of my friends are planning a trip downtown today to pass out warm clothes to the homeless population who may otherwise die. I am sick with the flu and still on the fence about bundling myself up to go. Heck, I don’t even want to let the dog out today and he isn’t sick!

However, I still wanted to help in some way. I told John I wanted to buy some warm clothes to at least donate in case I don’t make it down there this evening. He suggested going to a dollar store he knew about. My car was too frozen to start, so John picked me up and took me to Dollar Castle at 16551 10 Mile in Eastpointe. The store was a typical dollar store, nothing impressive. Until John spoke with the man behind the counter. He told him what I was buying and who it was for. I’m on a limited budget so I offered to buy $20 worth of socks and hand/foot warmers. I love sticking those things in my boots and gloves!

John and I made our selection and returned to the counter. The man rang me up and told me to go back and pick up a few more hand/foot warmers…AT NO CHARGE!

Michigan Winter 2014 Homeless

This guy didn’t know me. He didn’t know if I was being honest or not. Then again, why would I buy so many men’s socks? Either way, I was touched by the fact that this man was willing to donate his own profit toward such a worthy cause. According to John, this man has a history of doing this for those buying things for charity. I wish I could have bought a million of those thermal socks, but I can’t, so I truly appreciate the fact that this business owner helped me make my dollar stretch even further.

This is why I want to support this man and his company so he can continue doing things to help our community. I will definitely be going back!

Dollar Castle 10 Mile Roseville

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Dollar Castle
16551 10 Mile Rd.
Eastpointe, MI 48021