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Hello fellow human,

My name is John Hofmann and over the years I have sacrificed a lot for our youth because I feel that they are our future. From shaving off my mohawk (video) to donating thousands in food products and toys to outreach programs. This is one of the few ‘charity niches’ that hit home for me.


This November I plan to sleep outside in an effort to bring awareness for local homeless children but I need all the help I can get…


  1. If you can, toss a few bucks this way using the link below. It’s tax deductible and I can provide 3rd party links if you want to see how/where the money goes -this isn’t a big cancer foundation where the board makes 500k/yr.

  2. If a donation isn’t the thing for you I ask that you endorse my efforts personally/professionally by letting others know what I am trying to accomplish using social media. The more people I can get behind me the better.

Not that it should make a difference but I am putting together a press release that will hit 800+ places and include everyone that helps me along the way.