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“Homeless Hookup” 2012

“Homeless Hookup” 2012

  • Author: John
  • Date Posted: Nov 27, 2012
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  • Address: Hart Plaza

Having big plans of nothing in the morning I decided to stay up late last night (Friday). I was having fun updating information for my newest project.

I wake up much earlier then planned so I do what all good Americans do and check Facebook. One new Facebook message from my friend Patti asking if I’m interested in a grassroots project in Detroit. She had my attention now, I asked for more information. she went on to explain that her friend went downtown last year with a backpack filled with goodies and food. His plan, to pass off his coat and goodie bag to the first person in need. He named the project “Homeless Hookup” and its… today… in a few hours even… Me being me, I tell her of “course I’m interested” as I finished regaining consciousness.

She had a lot of bags that we were going to be packing up and passing out. Patti asked me if I knew any other volunteers that would help, you know I did. The plan was to meet at her house around 6 o’clock. I asked my friends Sara, Ron and Devon if they would like to join in on the magic. Unfortunately only Sara could make it because of the short notice….

Our team @ Pattie's houseI grab Sara and drive all way way across town to Patty’s house -We were the first to arrive. Of course the two hit it off right away seeing as I only associate with amazing people. Shortly after a few small conversations Patties friends arive. We proceed to pack the duffel bags with all sorts of goodies. From Costco sized boxes of Cheerios to half gallons of Juicy Juice -we hooked them up! In the process I managed to swallow 2 or 3 fluid ounces of social lubricant. I’m now prepared to meet some interesting people. =)

We take 2 vehicles, Sara and myself riding with two of patties other friends. I had never met them before. They were a riot to say the least. We reach our destination, the parking structure at the casino. Our carload loitered at the secret meeting place waiting for Patti and the others to arrive. After having fun with some of the people passing by Patti and the others arrived. We hurry to the exits of the casino. It’s on! This is where all of the different groups were meeting up. There was a large group, everyone with 2 or 3 bags each.

Above is a picture of some of the group. I was not this drunk, promise.

By this time it’s 8:30’ish and I’m exhausted (still recovering from helping the VA on Thanksgiving). We split off into a few sub-groups, walking around aimlessly looking for people. Small talk and time slips away, still no luck. I could sense our group was getting tired and in return discouraged.

We end up meeting the others at Hart Plaza. We walked around like tourists, finally deciding to enter the catacombs -Because that’s always a good idea. One of the sub-groups stumbled upon a pack homeless seeking shelter from the elements. I was not with that group but from what I was told the homeless pack was startled at first but quickly embraced the kindness we were attempting to show them. Everyone in the pack under Hart Plaza received a bag of supplies and food, maybe even 2.

Homeless Hookup 2012

Homeless Hookup 2012

Before the volunteers parted ways with the pack they were asked to stay for a prayer. This story warmed my heart and reminded me why I thought it would be a good idea to go Downtown and search for homeless in the first place…. We said our goodbyes and parted ways. Sara and I rode home with Patty, her friends stayed downtown. After everyone thawed out we remembered that there was a concert so we went to it. -the end.

What do you think?